Aachen Center for Biomedical Image Analysis, Visualization and Exploration

Hämatologie trifft Bildverarbeitung
Diffusionsbildgebung zur Rekonstruktion neuronaler Bahnen
Open Set Recognition in der industriellen Qualitätskontrolle
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Here you will find current dates and deadlines for the semester as well as lecture information and exam dates and results.


We offer many interesting Bachelor and Master thesis topics.


Ongoing and completed research projects demonstrate our wide range of research and development.


Here you can find a full list of the institute's publications.

New publications

Laxmi Gupta, Barbara Mara Klinkhammer, Claudia Seikrit, Nina Fan, Nassim Bouteldja, Philipp Gräbel, Michael Gadermayr, Peter Boor and Dorit Merhof
Large-scale extraction of interpretable features provides new insights into kidney histopathology – a proof-of-concept study
Journal of Pathology Informatics

S. Strauss, A. Runions, B. Lane, D. Eschweiler, N. Bajpai, N. Trozzi, A.-L. Routier-Kierzkowska, S. Yoshida, S. R. da Silveira, A. Vijayan, R. Tofanelli, M. Majda, E. Echevin, C. Le Gloanec, H. Bertrand-Rakusova, M. Adibi, K. Schneitz, G. Bassel, D. Kierzkowski, J. Stegmaier, M. Tsiantis, R. S. Smith
Using Positional Information to Provide Context for Biological Image Analysis with MorphoGraphX 2.0

Long Chen, Martin Strauch, Matthias Daub, Hans-Georg Luigs, Marcus Jansen and Dorit Merhof$
Learning to Segment Fine Structures Under Image-Level Supervision With an Application to Nematode Segmentation
International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC)

New thesis topics

 Deep Learning Algorithms in Kidney Histopathology & Pathomics (Description)
Contact: Boqiang Huang

 Computer Vision in Ophthalmology (Description)
Contact: Yuli Wu

 We offer a variety of interesting topics in the new Visual Media Communication group at LfB
Contact: Mathias Wien