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Haematology meets Image Processing
Reconstruction of neuronal pathways from diffusion imaging data
Open Set Recognition in industrial Quality Control
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Here you will find current dates and deadlines for the semester as well as lecture information and exam dates and results.


We offer many interesting Bachelor and Master thesis topics.


Ongoing and completed research projects demonstrate our wide range of research and development.


Here you can find a full list of the institute's publications.

New publications

Horst, Nicolas, Das, Priyanka and Wien, Mathias
A Template Matching Approach for Reference Picture Padding in Video Coding
2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)

Yuli Wu, Ivan Karetic, Johannes Stegmaier, Peter Walter and Dorit Merhof
A Deep Learning-based in silico Framework for Optimization on Retinal Prosthetic Stimulation

Philipp Seltsam, Priyanka Das and Mathias Wien
Adaptive and Scalable Compression of Multispectral Images using VVC
Data Compression Conference

New thesis topics

 Topics in the Field of Video Coding (mostly related to In-Loop Filtering) (Description)
Contact: Tim Classen

 We offer a variety of interesting topics in the new Visual Media Communication group at LfB
Contact: Mathias Wien


HiWi Job
HiWi / WiHi job   We have a HiWi/WiHi job available in the following project. Deep learning and machine learning methods for Anomaly Detection in industrial image processing Background Anomaly Detection (AD) has received considerable attention in various applications such as computer vision, biometrics, machine learning etc. An anomaly is defined as observations that do not conform to the expected normal behaviour. The goal of anomaly detection is to identify anomalies that c
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