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Haematology meets Image Processing
Reconstruction of neuronal pathways from diffusion imaging data
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New publications

Martin Strauch and Karl Krüger and Latha Mukunda and Alja Lüdke and C. Giovanni Galizia and Dorit Merhof
Interpolating maps between neural response spaces for chemosensing with fruit fly antenna sensors.
19th IEEE Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering

Philipp Gräbel and Martina Crysandt and Reinhild Herwartz and Melanie Hoffmann and Barbara M. Klinkhammer and Peter Boor and Tim H. Brümmendorf and Dorit Merhof
Refinement of Weak Annotations for the Segmentation of Bone Marrow Leukocytes
2nd MICCAI Workshop on Computational Pathology (COMPAY)

J. Christopher Edgar and Marissa Dipiero and Emma McBride and Heather L. Green and Jeffrey I. Berman and Matthew Ku and Song Liu and Lisa Blaskey and Emily Kuschner and Megan Airey and Judith L. Ross and Luke Bloy and Mina Kim and Simon Koppers and William Gaetz and Robert T. Schultz and Timothy P. L. Roberts
Abnormal maturation of the resting-state peak alpha frequency in children with autism spectrum disorder
Human Brain Mapping

New thesis topics

 Survival prediction of brain tumor patients using location based features (Description)
Contact: Simon Koppers

 Shapebased Deep Learning for 3D medical image analysis (Description)
Contact: Justus Schock

 Evaluation of synthetic diffusion data using autoencoders (Description)
Contact: Leon Weninger


Several members of our team will be in Shenzhen presenting their work at the MICCAI conference. If you're attending MICCAI, find us and stop by our posters!
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