In-Loop Filtering in Video Coding



In many applications, the size of videos presents a challenge. Modern compression methods significantly reduce the size of videos without greatly compromising quality. However, the amount of video data and resolution have continuously increased in recent years. This makes efficient compression increasingly relevant to save costs for storage and transmission networks. This project focuses on the improvement of video codecs. Today’s compression methods encompass many steps, such as prediction, quantization, entropy coding, and in-loop filtering. The main focus of this project is in-loop filtering. The goal here is to perform filtering on encoded images of a video sequence to improve quality. The aim is to specifically reduce distortions that arise during the coding process to achieve an improvement in the signal.

Scientific Questions

  • How can existing prediction and in-loop filter techniques be improved?
  • How can statistical dependencies in images be exploited to achieve image enhancement?
  • Can coding information be used to locate and reduce artifacts?


New theses in the field of video coding are regularly advertised. In addition to the overall overview, there are also numerous topics that have not yet been advertised and can be presented in a personal conversation.