Thesis Topics

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Open Thesis Topics

 Dictionary design for sparse representation for non- rectangular signal transformation (Description)
Contact: Priyanka Das

 Synthetic Cellular Video Generation using Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models (Description)
Contact: Rüveyda Yilmaz

 Unsupervised deconvolution invariant Computer generated holography. (Description)
Contact: Ankit Amrutkar

 Self-Supervised Models for Animal Tracking (Description)
Contact: Emil Mededovic

 We offer a variety of interesting topics in the Visual Media Communication group at LfB
Contact: Mathias Wien

 Bayesian Optimization-based Electrode Layout Design for Retinal Implants (Description)
Contact: Yuli Wu

 Deep learning and machine learning methods for structural segmentation and feature extraction of gut and colon (Description)
Contact: Johannes Stegmaier

 Patch Alignment Contrastive learning in few-shot dense anomaly segmenation and detection (Description)
Contact: Er Jin

 Graph-based transformation for non-rectangular signal (Description)
Contact: Priyanka Das