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Digital Image Processing


Lecture and exercise


Dates see RWTHOnline

Type of examination: written exam

This lecture covers the fundamentals and applications of imaging and image processing, and illustrates them with numerous examples. Prerequisite is a completed preliminary examination in the diploma courses Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Teaching materials are accessible via the teaching and learning portal Moodle of RWTH Aachen University:

Contents of the lecture

  1. Introduction, meaning of visual information
  2. Imaging: human eye, cameras and other sensors
  3. Image preprocessing: grids and interpolation methods
  4. Homogeneous and inhomogeneous point operations
  5. 2D Fourier transform and two-dimensional linear system theory
  6. Image enhancement
  7. Feature extraction: edge detection
  8. Segmentation: point-based, region-based, contour-based, and model-based
  9. Registration I: point registration
  10. Registration II: surface registration
  11. Registration III: elastic registration
  12. Visualization I: indirect volume rendering
  13. Visualization II: direct volume rendering


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