Yuli Wu

Research Scientist

 +49 241 80 27974
 +49 241 80 22200


Curriculum Vitae


Jul 2021 – now Research Scientist, Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision, RWTH Aachen
Sep 2020 – Mar 2021 Internship at SAP SE
Oct 2018 – Mar 2021 M.Sc. ET/IT/TI, RWTH Aachen
Oct 2015 – Sep 2018 B.Sc. ET/IT/TI, RWTH Aachen



Research Project

Computer Vision in Retinal Interfaces via Deep Learning






Yuli Wu, Peter Walter and Dorit Merhof
Multiscale Softmax Cross Entropy for Fovea Localization on Color Fundus Photography
In: Bildverarbeitung fuer die Medizin (BVM)

2021 Yuli Wu, Yucheng Hu, Suting Miao
Object Detection Based Handwriting Localization
In: ICDAR Workshop on Industrial Applications of Document Analysis and Recognition



Yuli Wu, Long Chen and Dorit Merhof
Improving Pixel Embedding Learning through Intermediate Distance Regression Supervision for Instance Segmentation
In: ECCV Workshop on Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping (CVPPP)


Long Chen, Weiwen Zhang, Yuli Wu, Martin Strauch and Dorit Merhof
Semi-supervised Instance Segmentation with a Learned Shape Prior
In: MICCAI Workshop on Medical Image Learning with Less Labels and Imperfect Data (MIL3ID)