Justus Schock

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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Curriculum Vitae

Okt 2019 – Sep 2022
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Lehrstuhl für Bildverarbeitung, RWTH Aachen
Apr 2019 – Sep 2019 Praktikum Corporate Research, Robert Bosch GmbH, Renningen
Okt 2017 – Aug 2019 M.Sc. Elektrotechnik, Informationstechnik & Technische Informationstechnik, RWTH Aachen
Okt 2014 – Sep 2017 B.Sc. Elektrotechnik, Informationstechnik & Technische Informationstechnik, RWTH Aachen


Automatisierte Analyse radiologischer Bilddaten




2020 James M. Dawson, Timothy A. Davis, Edward L. Gomez, Justus Schock, Nikki Zabel Thomas G. Williams
Using machine learning to study the kinematics of cold gas in galaxies
In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


Christoph Haarburger, Justus Schock, Michael Baumgartner, Oliver Rippel and Dorit Merhof
Delira: A High-Level Framework for Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis
In: Journal of Open Source Software


Marcin Kopaczka, Lukas Breuer, Justus Schock and Dorit Merhof
A Modular System for Detection, Tracking and Analysis of Human Faces in Thermal Infrared Recordings
In: Sensors


Marcin Kopaczka, Raphael Kolk, Justus Schock, Felix Burkhard and Dorit Merhof
A Thermal Infrared Face Database With Facial Landmarks and Emotion Labels
In: IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement



Christoph Haarburger, Justus Schock, Daniel Truhn, Philippe Weitz, Gustav Mueller-Franzes, Leon Weninger and Dorit Merhof
Radiomic Feature Stability Analysis based on Probabilistic Segmentations
In: IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)


Marcin Kopaczka, Daniel Tillmann, Lisa Ernst, Justus Schock, Ren'e H. Tolba and Dorit Merhof
Assessment of Laboratory Mouse Activity in Video Recordings Using Deep Learning Methods
In: International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC)


Daniel Bug, Dennis Eschweiler, Qianyu Liu, Justus Schock, Leon Weninger, Friedrich Feuerhake, Julia Schüler, Johannes Stegmaier and Dorit Merhof
Combined Learning for Similar Tasks with Domain-Switching Networks
In: International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI)


Marcin Kopaczka, Lisa Ernst, Justus Schock, Arne Schneuing, Alexander Guth, René H. Tolba, Dorit Merhof
Introducing CNN-Based Mouse Grim Scale Analysis for Fully Automated Image-Based Assessment of Distress in Laboratory Mice (Short Paper)
In: Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM)


Marcin Kopaczka, Justus Schock, Jan Nestler, Kevin Kielholz and Dorit Merhof
A combined modular system for face detection, head pose estimation, face tracking and emotion recognition in thermal infrared images
In: IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST)