Medical Image Processing:

Computer-based processing and analysis of biomedical image data are today indispensable in diagnostics, therapy and clinical research. One focus of our’s is on the image-based analysis of cell clusters to diagnose and classify potential cancerous transformations as early as possible. For the patients, cell-based diagnostics has the additional advantage that the cell samples needed can be acquired with less or even no infliction of pain. In close cooperation with the Department of Cytopathology, Duesseldorf, we showed that reliable cell-based cancer diagnosis can be up to three years ahead of histopathology. Other areas of interest include the filtration of digital X-ray image data, e.g. for enhanced visualization and analysis of arteries in cine-angiograms and micro-angiographies, and the analysis of nodule-like lung swellings (pleuramesothelioma) in 3D CT data