IT infrastructure


The Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision features an ultra-modern computer infrastructure to the highly complex research tasks can be implemented. The academic staff and students will be provided powerful jobs and much more storage capacity. They are supervised by an IT team, which covers the settlement of daily operations, support requests and planning of projects.

Within this team apprentices go through their three years of training as IT specialists.


We operate a high performance computing cluster based on HTCondor at our institute. In this way, we provide the academic staff and students with a highly efficient infrastructure that enables them to solve complex problems by means of “machine learning”. In addition to various dedicated cluster nodes, all workstations are processing during idle, providing a high amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU resources.


If you’re interested in Vocational Training feel free to take a look at RWTH University’s page. Feel free to contact Daniel Brückner in case of any questions regarding IT infrastructure or apprenticeship.