Color analysis

Article in the “Automation” magazine 01/2007.

StandThe experimental equipment of the Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision covers a complete recording system featuring professional lighting solutions. Its flexible concept allows for simple reconfiguration and thus is able to cover many different use cases..

HöhenverstellungThe equipment itself consists of ITEM-Profiles, which offer highly configurable recording solutions, thus allowing a wide variety of different testing scenarios. A simple example for the great customizability is the height regulation, which can easily be done by two levers and a screw allowing surprisingly exact configuration.

To seal the equipment from any unwanted light sources black molleton cloth is used – providing a highly durable and lightproof material it is more than fit for purpose. Also the recording area is painted with black varnish to prevent unwanted reflections.

BeleuchtungUsing halogen lamps instead of the commonly used fluorescent tubes allows a better color reproduction than most industrial imaging facilities reach. Diffusor material, optimized power supply and proper lamp arrangement also provide a thorough and constant illumination level. Still existing brightness deviations can then be corrected by potent software.

KameraThe recording device is a 1.3 megapixel 1-chip industrial camera. The modern IEEE-1394 allows for quick image transfer to the connected PC as well as full control of the camera’s configuration. The chassis fulfills all requirements of industrial devices and the commonly used C-Mount objective lenses are fully compatible.