Seminar: Intelligent Processing and Analysis of Data


This seminar is a replacement for the previous “Seminar Bildverarbeitung und Inhaltsanalyse”

Limited to 10 participants.



The participants of the seminar prepare a report on a defined topic. The seminar offers the opportunity to practice the familiarization with a complex topic and a coherent presentation of scientific findings. Presentations may be given in English or German language.


Current topics in the area of intelligent processing and analysis of data, focusing on application of machine learning and neural networks mainly in the field of digital image processing and its applications. Topics include recent research results and aspects of system implementation and are proposed during the introductory session.


By successful participation in this module, the participants have learned:

  • Familiarization with and independent exploration of  a scientific topic
  • Preparation of scientific reports and presentations
  • Discussion of scientific topics.

Teaching and learning methods

The students are assigned a topic during the introductory session. They prepare their report and presentation under supervision of qualified scientific staff. The following criteria are applied for assessment of the students:

  • Understanding of the topic: quality with regards to content, literature research, understanding of theory
  • Motivation/independence/method of work: extra credits for own implementation of examples or creation of own abstracting figures;
  • Active participation in the discussion
  • Presentation of the own topic: didactic quality of oral presentation, didactic quality of written report.


Mathias Wien (LFB)

Abin Jose (IENT)